Eating With the Field Hands

Hi guys! Hope your Wednesday has gone well! Mine was great. I had a great walk and then came in to churn out some work before heading down town.  I know I say this repeatedly but man I love Philadelphia!! Before I headed out I munched on this:

I picked up both the hummus and the chips at Costco. The chips are made by Food Should Taste Good and they are awesome! These are the Multigrain Tortilla and they are all natural, kosher, no msg, low sodium, transfat free, gluten free, vegan, lactose free, cholesterol free, no preservatives and high in fiber. With a list like that you wouldn’t think they could possibly taste good, ha!ha! But trust me they are just as addictive as any Dorito that has ever crossed these lips. They come in a ton of flavors. I just checked their website and other than Wal Mart and Food Lion it looks like they are in every other super market in the country. Check them out!

The CBF had a dinner for work tonight so I was on my own. I ate with the field hands like I love to do! I was both hungry & lazy so I went around the corner and had my favorite salad:

Pardon the picture it was taken with my phone and not my camera. I love this salad so much that last week I had it 3 times. When I realized it was already Wednesday and I hadn’t had it yet it was the obvious choice.

Now I’m off to watch Episode 4 of John Adams. Cornwallis just surrendered so it’s an exciting time around here 🙂


One response to “Eating With the Field Hands

  1. We LOVE those Food Should Taste Good chips! I had them for the first time from a snack box on United. I was pretty happy to find the gigantic bag at Costco. Have you had Sabra hummus? It’s awesome!

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