Green Monster with Flair

Thank you all so much for your tips and thoughts from yesterdays post. I really appreciate them all! I feel much better about the whole situation now. Still no place or date set in stone but hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll have it figured out. If not, city hall here I come 🙂

Yesterday we went downtown for brunch to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try, Farmicia. I’m already dying to go back. It was the best atmosphere, great service and everything was FRESH! I had a goat cheese panini with artichoke pesto and mesclun salad that was out of this world.

A pet peeve of mine is when you go to a restaurant and order a salad and the vegetables either all taste the same or don’t have any flavor at all. The green pepper and carrots in this salad were like a taste explosion in my mouth. So good!!! I’m not sure what the vinaigrette was but I wanted to lick it off of the plate.

Afterwards we took a stroll around the city. A view of Philadelphia from the marina at Penn’s Landing:

A view from the same spot across the river to Camden, NJ:

To keep with the Philadelphia theme we rented the first season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last night. Hilarious! A lot like Curb Your Enthusiasm in that it’s so un-PC that it is almost uncomfortable. We loved it!

This morning I decided I needed a little flair with my Green Monster.

If even possible it made it taste even better!

Have a great Monday!


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