Confusion at the Coffee Pot

As Dolly said, This morning I tumbled outta bed and stumbled to the kitchen. Poured myself a cup of ambition. Yawnin, stretchin, tried to come to life.”  Well, I tried to pour myself a cup of ambition! I tried really, really hard. First, you need to understand that when my eyes open in the morning I am like Pavlov’s dog. I. Must. Have. Coffee. Immediately. As soon as I woke up this morning I remembered that I set up the coffee pot last night but forgot to hit the button so it would be ready and waiting this morning. We have one of those coffee pots where it holds the brewed coffee inside and you just put your cup up to it and it pours out. Those 3 minutes of waiting for it to brew were excruciating. I stood over it willing it to brew faster and thinking about tapping my foot but unable to because I hadn’t had my coffee yet. Finally at the 2.5 mark I couldn’t take it  any longer and pushed the button while it was still brewing. Out comes a perfect stream of really hot water. I know the look of confusion on my face was priceless. In my haze I just stood there watching the cup fill up with water in complete befuddlement over how and why this was happening. I can’t be expected to reason so early in the morning without being properly caffeinated! Finally it dawned on me that not only did I forget to turn the pot on last night I also forgot the small detail of adding the coffee! After another even more excruciating few minutes my pain was over and voila!

I hope your trip to the coffee pot was much smoother this morning!


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