Lunch Date

Getting up before 4am certainly makes for a long day…I am running on fumes at this point!

Lunch was great! I met my cousin Jennifer again. Whenever we meet for lunch it is always the hilight  of my week! I can’t say enough how much I love living close enough to see her on a regular basis!  In honor of my sister who lives in Louisiana we went to The Big Easy Saloon 🙂

I left my camera at home – not very sharp for a blogger, huh? We’ll blame it on the getting up so early. So I had to take a picture with my phone. It’s a little dark which is probably a good thing since it wasn’t the healthiest of lunches. Slow roasted turkey sounded healthy when I ordered it but the mountain of fries, white bread and cole slaw that came on top were a bit of a surprise. Thankfully the fries were more like curly fries than regular fries so I only ate a few. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my fries! Leave the flavoring off. Just give me potatoes, salt and grease!

Dinner was a repeat of yesterday. I think those Morning Star Tomato Basil Pizza Burgers might just be my new thang! Tonight’s was even better than yesterday because I added some avocado. Oh.Em.Gee! Delicious!

I had left over mashed cauliflower with it (which is even better the 2nd day) and this salad:

I’m not even ashamed to admit that I’m already planning on having this exact same meal for lunch tomorrow!

Oh! I almost forgot, after my walk but before lunch today I had this:

You know I wouldn’t go a day without it! Now I’m sipping on some peppermint tea and about to curl up with Pat Conroy for some reading that will probably amount to one page before I fall asleep… night!


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