Oatmeal and Pizza Burgers

I’ve been reading for awhile now about Overnight Oats. Last night I decided to give it a go. Read: actually remembered to put them in the fridge before I went to bed. I’ll admit, I was a little leery because  cold oatmeal just did not sound that appealing. But I knew that there was no way all of my favorite bloggers couldn’t be wrong. They didn’t let me down!

I found a ton of recipes online for these. I kept mine pretty simple. Last night I mixed 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 cup of almond milk in a bowl. Covered with Reynolds Wrap and stuck it in the fridge. This morning about 30 minutes before I was ready to eat them I took them out to take the chill off. Before eating I melted 1 T of peanut butter in the microwave and poured it over the oats. I sprinkled it all with cinnamon. Sooo good!

I had my last morning of physical therapy. To be honest I’m going to miss my hour of tv I had every morning while I was there. We are still tv free at home. Amazingly it’s going pretty well. I think it is like a drug and the worst part of DT’s are over. This morning was perfect because for some unknown reason Kelly Ripa was reenacting Anne of Green Gables. Two of my favorite women of all time! Perfection!

Lunch was a newbie today as well. Probably no less than 10 years ago I tried a Morning Star Veggie Burger. I hated it and have never tried anything else made by Morning Star again. Until today. At some point in the recent past Jenna mentioned having one of their Tomato Basil Pizza Burgers. I remembered this while walking aimlessly through Trader Joe’s this morning and decided to give them a try. Let me just say they’ve come a long way in a decade!!

I grilled it in a skillet with a little Pam and then melted some muenster cheese on top. I had it on a whole wheat bun with jarred  marinara sauce from Trader Joe’s and a couple of my basil leaves. Really, really good!!! You just can’t go wrong with crispy pizza taste and gooey cheese.

Along with it I had a salad of mixed greens, cukes, tomatoes, orange pepper, green onion and walnuts.

Hope you’re having a good afternoon!


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