Craig Ferguson, Cleopatra and Ben Franklin all walk into a bar….

I hope that you all had a great weekend. We certainly did! Saturday it RAINED here. Steadily and all day long. It was such a perfect excuse to be a complete sloth and do nothing but lay around, read and take naps. Finally late in the day the rain moved on and the sun came out again in time for us to head out to see Craig Ferguson. He’s a favorite of the CBB and we’d both been looking forward to the show. My pictures for some reason came out really blurry.

This was my favorite part of the show when he did a tribute to my Britney and did a dance number to Oops I Did it Again…hilarious!

Yesterday we went down to the Franklin Institute to see the new Cleopatra exhibit. All that I can say is WOW! That was a woman that knew how to take care of business!

The man that made this city happen 🙂

Because when you see a gigantic picture frame made out of tires you should have your picture taken in it!

All in all a fantastic weekend that blew by way too quickly!

My Green Monster this morning was so sweet that I could only drink about a quarter of it. The banana that I used was really ripe but still firm so I’m not sure what happened. I ended up squeezing some lime juice into it at the end to try and help but all it really did was change the color of the drink but not the taste.

I used less than half but this was one sweet banana! I’m going to have to freeze the other for banana soft serve, it’s too sweet for anything else.

Then I had a little cheese toast.

Now I’m off to go to do my walk along the river. I can’t wait, I’ve been wanting to do this trail since we moved here!! Have a good Monday!


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