We just came back from the greatest dinner! It was at a restaurant called Supper. If you are ever in Philadelphia you must head over to South Street and go there for a meal. Oh my goodness it was so great! Seriously, the best meal we’ve had since leaving California.

The ambiance was great, the service was great, the location was great and the food was amazing! Have I mentioned that I liked this place? I started the evening off with a Jack Ruby which was honestly the best mixed drink I’ve ever had. I know what you’re thinking, but I said LESS alcohol not no alcohol. I only had one and this drink was so good I could have had them all night long. Grapefruit vodka (I didn’t even know there was such a thing) with fresh lime, cranberry and a splash of sprite. Perfectly refreshing. Here we are enjoying ourselves.

I skipped appetizers. Amazingly enough after only having a Green Monster and salad today and working out I really wasn’t all that hungry. I’m assuming it’s due to all of the fiber in that salad. Whatever the case, I love it! I was torn between the Scallops and the Halibut and went with the waitresses recommendation of the halibut. I am so glad that I did!

It was so perfectly simple. It was seared and served with chard and tomatoes in black olive oil. I’ve never had black olive oil before but will definitely be looking for it. It is much more olive-y than regular olive oil. Delicious! This dish totally reminded me of my favorite halibut from San Ysidro Ranch – and that is not something I say lightly!  Also, notice that the serving size is completely reasonable. It was just enough. Not one of those jumbo portions that most restaurant serve. Perfect I’m telling you, this place is perfect!

We had a table just outside of the open kitchen and the chef/owner came out and chatted with is for about 10 minutes. He was so nice and his passion for his food was oozing out of him. Don’t you love meeting people that are genuinely passionate about what they do, whatever it might be? He owns his own farm that has 3 acres dedicated to his menu at Supper. He literally picks his own vegetables for the days menu and trust me, you could taste the difference!


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