Eating With The Field Hands

We reached triple digits again in Philadelphia today for the second day in a row. I heard on the radio (still no tv!) that the last time we had two days of triple digits they were separated by nine years! Although thinking back on this winter I am not complaining. Give me sunshine and heat any day over 2 feet of snow!

I started off today with my first Green Monster since last Thursday. Man did I miss it! It looked so good I got a little over zealous with the pouring 🙂

Todays was spinach, banana, peanut butter, cucumber, oj, water and ice. YUM! I was thrilled to wake up this morning to a text from a friend with a picture of her first Green Monster that she was having this morning!!! She is the 7th friend that I’ve heard from that has tried one. So far everyone seems to love them. Have you tried one??? Let me know!!

By mid morning I was hungry and had to break out the Trader Joe’s French Toast.

Lunch was made from last night’s left over rotisserie chicken. I just heated it up on a sandwich thin with muenster cheese and then added sliced avocado and some of my homemade dijon balsamic dressing.

How I survived as long as I did without sandwich thins and bagel thins I just don’t know!!

When I first moved to California to move in with the CBB my best friends father was concerned. He told her that he was worried I didn’t know enough about the CBB and that he could have a stock pile of duct tape and garbage bags waiting for me and I was going to be the next lead story on Nancy Grace. For the record, I clearly knew him well enough to know that wasn’t a concern. I know at over two years in I’m safe but today when I was dusting and came across this on the book shelf I had to do a second take and then died laughing:

Tonight we were seriously eating with the field hands. We had finished and the kitchen was cleaned all well before 5pm. Am I the only one that can cook the same meal multiple times and some times have it turn out fantastic and other times have it turn out just down right inedible? Unfortunately tonight was the latter. How this happens I’ll never know! The CBB was nice enough to blame it on a poor piece of meat and not my cooking but it’s the exact same piece from the exact same store that I’ve bought it from in the past. At least it photographed nicely.

This was the Flank Steak recipe that I’ve made before using the Simply Recipes recipe. The marinade is great and so easy to make. Tonight though the steak was just tough (even though it had marinated for 24 hours) and grisly and not good. We also had corn on the cob which with full disclosure had been sitting in the fridge for about 2 weeks so that might have something to do with why it had no taste. The asparagus was fresh but the kosher salt got away from me when I was seasoning it before roasting so that was a big miss too.  This round the score was definitely Kitchen 1 Ginny 0!

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day and I know my Green Monster will be delicious!


2 responses to “Eating With The Field Hands

  1. Thanks for the shoutout on yesterday’s blog! But for real, I was shocked at how good it was. I just didn’t think there was such a great way to hide something as healthy as spinach in a smoothie like that. I didn’t taste it one bit. I just tasted the lovely fresh banana and peanut butter. I already got a little frisky and put blueberries in this morning. Again, totally delicious and my new favorite:) Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Courtney!! I knew you would love them 🙂 Are you using fresh or frozen blueberries? I think I like the frozen better so then I don’t have to use ice as well.

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