Weekend Recap

Well I should say as much of a weekend recap as I can do since I only took out my camera about twice! After an almost 6 hour car ride we were ecstatic to get out at our friends for some catching up and drinks on the deck. Once we were caught up Frank lit the grill and we began to drool!

You just can’t go wrong with salad, shish kabob’s and BBQ shrimp!

If we go on the basis of pictures taken I didn’t eat again until Monday afternoon – yeah right!

We ended up coming back on Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness we did since it only took us a little less than four and a half hours to get back. I don’t even want to think about what the traffic would have been like if we’d waited until Monday.

At the Reedville parade on Saturday afternoon we met the nicest guy from Philadelphia who used to live here in Ardmore. So of course our first question was, what’s your favorite restaurant! He told us about Jose Garce’s Trading Company. It was so cool! It’s a little cafe and market run by from what I’ve read is one of the hottest chef’s in Philly. We did the lunch tasting menu and it was divine! A ridiculous amount of food at a really good price as well. Of course I only have pictures of the first course because then we were so excited about the food we forgot to take pictures.

Sourdough bread, olive oil, olives, prosciutto, artichokes with walnut chorizo, blue cheese, brie, pear and honey infused truffle oil. And like I said that was the first course! Then came The Spaniard Sandwich which was grilled chicken, bacon, almond romesco aioli and shaved parmesan on a freshly made baguette. Then from there we moved on to the funghi pizza. It was gluttony at it’s finest! We did at least bypass dessert 🙂 If you are ever in Philly a trip to Jose’s is definitely in order!!

Today I started with a Cliff Bar Mojo Dipped Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar. Yum!

Rarely does this happen to me but today was just too hot to eat! So lunch was a no go. For dinner we just had salad topped with rotisserie chicken from the farmers market next door. That place is almost as good as Disney World! There is this local Amish poultry farm that has a booth there. You can go in and pick any type of poultry from the display and they will cook it in the rotisserie for you at no charge. For $9 I got a chicken breast that was large enough to feed us both plus have leftovers for 1.5 meals. I do love a good deal!

While picking up the chicken I also bought us both shots of wheatgrass. Two of my friends were raving about it this weekend so I had to give it a try. LOVED it! Now I just need to figure out how to get it and juice it at home…

Have a good night!


2 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Stephanie Crabbe

    So, you got some wheatgrass!!! Richie can tell you all about how to get it and grow it at home! Great seeing you this weekend!

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