Thursday Morning

What a crazy day! In fact the craziness started last night. I’m not sure what was going on with the formatting on here. Sorry about the jumbled entry! Headed down to Reedville for the 4th of July. This is hands down my favorite weekend of the year. Quintessential small town Americana at it’s best!! This morning was spent running around doing all of those last minute things that inevitably creep up. I started the day with a Green Monster.

I’ve decided this is my favorite version. Spinach, banana, peanut butter, milk and oj. I like the others with the berries and the cantaloupe and definitely the cucumber but this basic version is my favorite. I had a craving for cheese toast. To me cheese toast is good ole fashioned white bread and a slice of Kraft cheese that is toasted until it’s almost black. Since I can’t remember the last time I had either of those two in my house I had to improvise. Sandwich thin and muenster it was. And it was wonderful!

Notice the garnish? I think French Laundry will be calling me any day now for my plating skills!

Later in the morning I was hungry again and remembered that I had saved some of last nights salad. I added some pine nuts and goat cheese, of course!

This salad made me realize two things. The goat cheese that I currently have has dill in it. Yum! I forgot how much I love that herb. Plan on it seeing it used a lot more often. Something about that flavor makes me feel like I should be at a shower of some sort and eating finger foods. Also, why in the world are pine nuts so expensive? Granted this was the first time I’ve ever bought them and it was at Whole Foods. So they may normally be reasonably priced but these were $23.39 per pound!! I had to do a triple take on the price tag. Thankfully I was only buying an ounce or so for last nights recipe so it didn’t break the bank. Seriously, are they normally that expensive???

After more running around I came back home and fixed a quick lunch before packing up the car and hitting the road. I enjoyed my cheese toast so much this morning that I knew I wanted a more substantial version thereof. I remembered that we had left over rotisserie chicken from lunch yesterday and an idea was born. I heated it all up together in the oven and then topped it with a little of my homemade balsamic dijon dressing. Dee-licious!!!

I packed a bag of healthy snacks for the road. I know where we’re staying there will be an abundance of wonderful food but I figured this way I at least know I can start my day on the healthy side. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess, ha!ha!

Happy 4th!!!!


2 responses to “Thursday Morning

  1. I buy pine nuts from Costco. You end up with a huge bag, but I freeze them and then make pesto with the basil from my garden. The pine nuts are MUCH cheaper that way!

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