Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

This trip to Houston went by way too fast! I had a great albeit short visit with my parents and nephews Friday afternoon. We went to the Houston Aquarium for lunch. If you’re ever in Houston the aquarium is a must see!

I love them so much it breaks my heart!

This salad on the other hand….not so much. They were incredibly generous with the avocado which I appreciated.

If there was a cartoon bubble over his head I think that it would read “I wonder if I will have to leave when my little brother gets thrown out for picking up the stingrays and sharks”?

Said little brother trying his hardest to pick up what he was only supposed to be touching with one finger…

Last nights dinner was simply amazing! Our favorite restaurant in Houston is Mark’s American Cuisine. It is in a restored church which is the perfect setting because food and company this good is definitely a blessing from above! Before we went we met for drinks at our friend’s John and Betsy’s. We had a fantastic Mexican Zinfadel (who knew Mexico had anything other than tequila?) and cheese and crackers. Goat cheese was involved so I did my best to let others have some without devouring it all myself.

The CBB, Mike, John and Betsy

Then it was on to Mark’s which just so happened to be in the middle of the Gay Pride Parade Route. Which was very festive and my first parade at 9pm outside of Disney World.

The inside of this restaurant is beautiful to say the least!

For the record, I am not Catholic and neither was this church yet I always have the urge to genuflect before taking a sip of wine.

This was my fourth time eating there and everything I have ever had has been out of this world. However, the appetizer that I had last night blew everything else out of the water. It was roasted oysters that were topped with a ragout of jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp and roasted leeks in a truffle aioli vinaigrette and then topped with a fried oyster. I’ve read about food porn and last night I actually tasted it.

To. Die. For.

I actually even shared one with The CBB and if that’s not love I don’t what is!

A shot of the gang.

For my entree I had maple sugar, ginger and coffee roasted pork loin. It was delicious as well but unfortunately due to cheese, crackers, oysters, bread and the need (yes need!) to save room for dessert a large portion of it went uneaten.

Ahhhh, dessert. I could not even begin to tell you what any of the men had for dessert because Betsy and I made the wise decision to split the chocolate tasting dessert and I’ not sure I lifted my head until the plate was clean.

Notice the bites taken out of each one? That is because it looked so good I couldn’t slow down to take a picture before diving in. On the left with flecks of gold on top was a chocolate peanut butter mousse. I’m convinced it is why this restaurant is in a church because clearly the hand of God was at work with the preparation of this! Let’s be honest, even bad chocolate and peanut butter together is amazing so when it’s good it is exquisite! For a fleeting moment I thought about just licking the top of it to mark as my own so I wouldn’t have to share but as it was late in the evening and my endorphins had kicked in from all of the good wine I let my manners prevail. Next to the mousse was a Smore’s made with cinnamon graham crackers. Note to self, always make smore’s using cinnamon graham crackers! Then it was a brownie with vanilla ice cream on top. Normally this is my favorite dessert but normally it’s not up against such stiff competition. On the far right was a chocolate pot de creme. Again, amazing!!!

After such a decadent night  I had to reign myself back in this morning. Behold the $12 airport breakfast.

I was thrilled to see that Einstein Brothers had not only bagel thins on the menu but also peanut butter. The bagel thins were however not available in wheat and when the charming girl behind the counter explained that they had power bagels and ,”they ain’t wheat neither but they gots whole lotta healthy junk in ’em” I said sign me up! I mean, how are you going to refuse that? I’m glad I didn’t  because that healthy junk was good 🙂


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