Calgon Take Me Away!!!!

Three hours on the phone with Verizon does not a good day make!

Before I lost the better part of my morning I had a Cantaloupe Cucumber Green Monster and an egg on a sandwich thin.

It rocked! And thankfully gave me the strength I was going to need to deal with the worst customer service on the planet. Ugh! As I’ve already sworn off Comcast and I refuse to pay people for such poor service as of tomorrow we are a telephone and television free home. Now, if I show up at your home in the next couple of weeks foaming at the mouth please just let me in and hand me the remote. Thank you.

Lunch was eaten on my way out of the door to do errands.

What did I do before sandwich thins? This is ham, muenster cheese and avocado sort of rolled up into a wrap.

Alongside of that I had about a big handful of these:

Little did I know that work was going to make for a more stressful afternoon than the morning with Verizon. Double Ugh!

Thankfully I was surprised by dinner at Season’s 52. This is a new restaurant in the area that I’ve been dying to try. Their menu changes weekly and is mainly made up fresh, local ingredients. Not to mention everything on the menu has under 450 calories.  We started with  Chipotle Grilled Shrimp and Crab and Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms. Maybe it’s just that I’ve had a bad day but on a scale of 1 to 10 I would have given both a solid 5. It’s a little dark but here is a picture of the shrimp.

For dinner I had the scallops with asparagus and tomato pearl pasta. Again, maybe I was just still grumpy but they tasted more like the grill than like scallops.

Verdict – I would try again before I would rule the restaurant out all together. I love the idea of fresh local ingredients, normal portion sizes and preparation that leads to low calorie meals but I’m still not rushing back!

Here is to a better tomorrow!


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