On The Road Again

Yesterday was a crazy busy day! Between work, physical therapy, errands, cleaning, packing us both for a 3 day trip down to Baltimore and then making the trip down to Baltimore I felt like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off!

The day started with a toasted sandwich thin with peanut butter, black berry preserves and banana and a Green Monster.

Lunch was inhaled leftover stuffed chicken breast from the day before eaten while on the phone and answering work emails – not good! I’m sure the chicken was great. I wouldn’t know though because I was  too busy doing other things. Inattentive eating is a sure fire way to eat more than you need and I hate it when I do that!

I was definitely paying attention when I had a couple of these a little while later!

Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food! I don’t know who Laura is but I sure do love her! These can be found at Whole Foods and they are great! She has tons of flavors but I love these, oatmeal chocolate chip. They’re just moist little bites of decadence made without dairy, wheat or gluten yet still manage to taste like they just came out of your grandmothers oven!

We were leaving for Baltimore right around dinner time so I packed some snacks for the road consisting of bananas, almonds and dried apricots. I ended up not having any since I was driving. When we got here The CBB was off to a business dinner and I was off to meet one of my Besties, Ali, for this:

It was great to see her and catch up as always! Not exactly the most nutritious dinner but at least I got in some Vitamin C 🙂 Randomly friends from California are in town and they ran into The CBB at his dinner so they called and ended up coming over to meet us for a drink as well. It was such a wonderful surprise!! I love when life throws you those little unexpected smiles.

Such a great night! Then to wake up to this perfect view of the Baltimore Harbor wasn’t too bad either…

I’m off to start the day. Trying to eat has healthy as possible while on the road is always tricky for me. It’s a balancing act for sure and I will go ahead and tell you now, WARNING!!! Smith Island Cake will be consumed. If you don’t know what it is stay tuned for pictures!!!!


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