Friday Night Date

I knew we were going out for a big dinner last night so I took things easy on the food front yesterday. Since I’m sure you can guess what I had for breakfast I won’t bore you with the picture 🙂 For lunch however I was excited to try the Kale Chips recipe that I found at Little Mrs. Bossy’s Food Blog. (Click through to the link just to see how adorable her 3 year old is eating them!!)

Normally I’m a pretty decisive girl on all things. Especially food. These however have still left me stumped as to whether I like them or not. I think to steal a line from The CBB (Cute British Boyfriend) I like them but I would never crave them. If I’m ever craving a potato chip and I happen to have a bag of Kale in the fridge then I might pop them in the oven. They were very light. Whatever you do, don’t forget to add the salt! Imagine eating crispy air that has the flavor of greens.

I also had a little of this super sweet watermelon.

Since The CBB has been away for what felt like forever we decided to go out for a nice dinner on the town last night. There is nothing I love more than getting all dressed up and going out for a nice cocktail and dinner. It just puts me in my happy place. Unfortunately in my excitement to get out of the house and get the night going I forgot my camera. Boo Ginny! Luckily I had my phone but I’ll warn you the pictures are dark and blurry. Double Boo Ginny!

First, I wore my favorite dress and shoes. If you know me, this will be a familiar look. It is also a look you will see again because like I said, it’s my favorite 🙂

This is a picture from the greatest wedding ever that we attended last year in Texas. I don’t know who the two gentleman are with me. I’m just a sucker for a cowboy and needed my picture taken with them and they were kind enough to oblige.

So I wore that outfit and we went to Barclay Prime. If you are ever in Philadelphia I highly recommend it. It’s very 50’s chic inside and sits right on Rittenhouse Square. We started with our signature cosmo and apple martini at the bar. Then we were seated in the dining room which reminded me of something out Mad Men. Beautiful crystal chandeliers and 50’s modern furniture. I began with a wedge salad with jumbo lump crabmeat champagne molasses dressing.

It was so good that I forgot to take a picture until I was half way through! I will totally be buying some champagne vinegar this week and trying to recreate that dressing. Delicious!

For dinner I had a filet. It was encrusted with salt which next time I would order without. All of the beef is raised locally which I loved (watch Food Inc!) We split corn, broccolini and sliced potatoes with onions. The corn was the winner! Absolutely perfectly sweet and crunchy. I could have made an entire meal off of that and the salad.

I have a rule that when you’re dressed up and in a new restaurant you must try dessert!  Ok, technically if you are in sweats and eating somewhere you’ve been to a thousand times before you should also order dessert. Unfortunately last nights wasn’t worth photographing. Overall, it was a fabulous night. Great food, looking at the cute British face across the table from me and home in time to catch Dateline, yeah that’s how we roll 🙂


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