Monday Funday!

Today started off with the usual.

I decided to add some fresh blueberries to my green monster. Other than the color being a little darker I didn’t notice much of a change.  I felt healthier drinking it though just knowing that there was not one, not two and not even three Super Foods in there as usual but that it was now knocked up to FOUR Super Foods!   (NOTE: For those of you that didn’t realize, when a word is highlighted like Super Foods you can click on it and it will take you to an article. Once you are done reading the article hit the back button on your browser and it will bring you back to the blog).

For lunch today I decided to get into the kitchen and whip something up from scratch. I have no idea why but I am still craving black beans on a daily basis. I found a new recipe for Black Bean Spinach Burgers and decided to give it a whirl. It lacked the kick of my regular recipe but were delicious nonetheless! I used bread crumbs instead of whole wheat flower and I threw in a hand full of mushrooms. This recipe calls for a lot less breading than my usual recipe. I wasn’t sure how that would turn out but I couldn’t detect a difference in taste or texture.

I really wanted to make these so that I could top them with this:

I wasn’t disppointed.

Yum! Both recipes basically used the same ingredients and couldn’t have been easier to make. All you do is through everything in the blender or food processor. Just be careful if using a blender, like I was, not to lose the tip to your favorite spatula!


Along with my back bean and spinach burger I had a salad made with lots of fresh veggies from the Reading Terminal Market. I was so excited to finally get there this weekend.  Note to self, no matter how beautiful the lettuce looks I do not need 2 heads of lettuce! Ever.

That is what was left over after making this:

Speaking of farmers markets and because it’s my blog and I get to put up the pictures that I want to 🙂 Here is my favorite picture from the farmers market in Santiago, Chile last fall. The produce was amazing. Seriously, the largest carrots I’ve ever seen!

Don’t they looked more like sweet potatoes?


3 responses to “Monday Funday!

  1. Glad you enjoyed my recipes! 🙂

  2. Just read this and we really are sisters. I just made the original black bean burgers for dinner and had my mango strawberry green monster with a Thomas’ Bagel Thin and peanut butter for breakfast. I had a meat free day and didn’t even mean to! I just wish finding organic foods in this place wasn’t so hard. Guess that’s why La. has such a high obesity rate. Love you. A

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