It’s always Sonny in Philadelphia!

It’s the weekend and it’s Philadelphia…. what can I say? The next time you are in this city and checking out the Liberty Bell you should head a few blocks east and visit Sonny’s Famous Steaks. Skip Pat’s and Geno’s. Both are totally overrated. Although, I’ve been told if it’s 2:30 am and you’ve just been to the Stanley Cup Finals there is a noticeable improvement in their quality. I’d like to say that I felt terrible after eating it and it was now on the list of Foods That Aren’t Worth It. But after a couple of glasses of wine the night before it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I felt about 10 times better after eating it than I did before. This next statement will be where it is obvious that I am not a registered dietician but I sometimes  think the body just needs a little grease!

Now it’s time to get back to normal. I think I feel a Green Monster coming on!


One response to “It’s always Sonny in Philadelphia!

  1. Well written and very accurate! I agree – Sonny’s rocked and it was great to see you in Philly. As if that lunch weren’t bad enough, on Sunday we tore through an authentic man-eating hoagie and a package of TastyKakes to complete the experience. Delish!

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