The best part of the CBB’s job (for me anyway) is the awesome traveling that we get to do. A very, very, very close second to that is the free coffee. He works with a lady, my Coffee Queen, who whenever she travels always brings me back coffee. She’s been doing this for over a year now and I have to say I hope she never stops! The truly cool part is that I barely know this person having only met her on a one or two occasions and they were just in passing. One day it somehow came up in conversation between her and the CBB that I have to have my morning cup and the next thing that I know I’m getting these little care packages. How unbelievably nice is that? It makes me stop and think that I don’t do nearly enough little things like that for the people in my life.

This morning I opened a new batch and JACKPOT! Far and away the best to date! I’m not sure I’m going to be able to go back to even my Trader Joe’s Gingerbread.


Waking up with this in my cup it’s just hard not to love life.

After a disastrous attempt at a goodbye breakfast for the CBB (same thing as yesterday so I won’t bore you with the picture) I headed out for walk. I have a 3 mile route that I love to take in the mornings but have been leery to do so since my last knee pop out a few weeks ago. I’ve just had visions of me being a mile from home and wiping out and then having to take a ride from a stranger back home who would inevitably kidnap and murder me. But maybe I watch too much Lifetime! Since the past two mornings in the gym have gone so well I decided to be brave and go for it. I’m so glad I did because it was a gorgeous morning!! The battery in my ipod died about half way through which ended up being a good thing. A long walk with nothing but your own thoughts is very therapeutic and I for one can always use a little therapy 🙂

Why I love Ardmore, PA!

Thought these were the most beautiful tulips I’d ever seen. Until I realized they were fake! Seriously, who plants fake flowers? If you do, you should stop!

I feel like everything here is beautiful. The homes, the churches, the schools. Speaking of the schools there are a couple that I’m still trying to figure out if they’re actually schools or country clubs. They are that pretty!

Thought these were cute steps.

We are certainly patriotic here and I do love that! Just imagine Lee Greenwood singing I’m proud to be an American as you view these next few 🙂

Now off to squeeze in some work and cleaning before Jocelyn arrives for our girls weekend!


3 responses to “TGIF

  1. I love your post this morning about appreciating the little things and doing more for others. I have wonderful intentions…

    Your thought process is dead-on! The walking theory is great-remember to change your path & time of day. It’s the Momma & city girl in me.

    Keep posting & keep us laughing!

  2. Hi Ginny! It was so nice to meet you today — I thought it was pretty neat how we hit it off instantly! It’s like that with some people, and it’s rare . . . so I treasure those moments. Please do stay in touch — would love to get together sometime. Have a great girls weekend!

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