Brought to you by the letter B

I’m sad to report that we  lost another Golden Girl today 😦  There will never be another Blanche Devereux. The funniest line in all of television, in my opinion, was hers. “Lesbian? Of course I know what a lesbian is. Wasn’t Danny Thomas one? Lesbian? Ohhhh LESBIAN”. If you haven’t seen the episode you must go here and watch it right now.  Seriously go watch it now!

I started the day again with 20 minutes on the exercise bike. I was going to do the twisty machine again but some nice old man came in just as I was getting off of the bike and I’m so weird I didn’t want to do it in front of him. Isn’t that ridiculous? I know. So I came back up and did 10 girlie push ups and stretching.

Before the gym I ate a little bit of the blackberry scone that I bought at Great Harvest yesterday. Then after the gym I toasted a piece of the Dakota bread and had it with an egg and you guessed it, a green monster.

The perfect bite…

My lunch today is in honor of my friend Amy and her blog, Beanie Baby Blog. Please take a minute to visit. It’s very insightful  for anyone who’s unfamiliar with the adoption process. As both the daughter of someone who was adopted and someone who is hopeful to one day adopt I’ve found it to be very touching.

Truth be told I was going to title the lunch my Black Beanie Baby Lunch but decided that sounded like I was eating a small black child and didn’t think that sounded so appetizing.

I have been craving these Black Bean Burgers since the weekend. They are so worth the chopping and the measuring that is involved. Just as good as I remembered. Today I ate one with a salad that was made of spinach, cucumber, baby roma tomatoes, broccoli slaw, goat cheese and green onion. YUM!

Have a great afternoon!


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