If you have to ask the answer is probably no.

It’s another gorgeous day here in Ardmore! I love walking in and out of the front door of our building because we have the most fragrant roses I’ve ever smelled. I wish this was a smell-a-blog so you could enjoy them too!

One of the things that I work on every day in my quest for a healthy lifestyle is to only eat when I’m hungry. I know to most of you that is probably a no brainer. For me, however, it’s a pretty big deal to accomplish. I’m more of an “It’s time to eat” girl or “I want to eat” girl or “I’m bored, mad, sad, (fill in the emotion of your choice) so I’ll eat” girl or “that looks/smells good I think I’ll have some” girl or “I can’t be rude by not eating” girl. Waiting until I was physically hungry to eat? Now that was a novel idea that really didn’t even occur to me until much, much later in life. As a result I’m still learning the signs. Which leads to a lot of internal banter that sounds something like:

Me: Hmmm. It’s 8:30 and I haven’t had breakfast yet.

Me: You don’t have to eat just because the clock says it’s time.

Me: Yeah but it’s 8:30 and it’s time for breakfast.

Me: Yes, but are you hungry?

Me: Hungry? I said it’s TIME to eat!

Me: Really, it’s ok. You don’t have to eat this second.

Me: But if I wait too long then it will be almost time for lunch.

Me: That’s ok

Me: But duh! Then I won’t eat lunch until late and then I might not be ready for dinner at dinner time.

Me: That’s ok

Me: No it’s not. I NEED three meals a day!

Me: No you don’t

Me: Yes I do

Me: No you don’t

Me: YES I DO!!! Jeesh! sometimes it’s like you don’t even know me at all!

You get my point.

Today was one of those days. I held off until about 10. To be completely honest I’m not sure if I was even truly hungry or if I just convinced myself that everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if I skipped it I would most likely go on to eat more the rest of the day.

So I had my toast with peanut butter and bananas and on a whim I put a thin layer of organic blackberry preserves in between the peanut butter and the banana. YUM! I also had Greek style honey yogurt to dip it in. That wasn’t so great so I stuck to the toast.

In my opinion licking the knife is always the best part of any PB&J combination.

After working for a little bit I ran out to do some more errands. I scored a new find at the grocery store which is always exciting!

I love bagels but I rarely eat them because I just always feel so heavy for the rest of the day. Thank you Mr. Thomas for solving my dilemma. If you haven’t tried these yet, they’re great! Basically just a hollowed out bagel. Perfection! By the time I got home I was hungry. No internal debate needed. I was Starvin Marvin Gaye! So I toasted one of my new bagel thins which was so perfectly crispy and spread some hummus on it and washed it down with a Green Monster. I meant to put the rest of my banana from breakfast in it but forgot to so I ate that along with my bagel.

We won’t be having dinner until late so I’m sure I’ll have some sort of snack as the afternoon goes on. For now I’m off to send out a newsletter to my 200 filmmakers so that my long Memorial Day weekend can officially get under way!


3 responses to “If you have to ask the answer is probably no.

  1. I haven’t seen the bagel thins yet…might take a while down here in the “boon-docks”! I do get the bag of mini-bagels, whole wheat of course and have just one of those with pb or ff cream cheese. Thanks for keepin me motivated! Hope to see ya this weekend.

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m always so excited when I get one 🙂 You do have them in the boondocks b/c we were talking about them last night. I will find out where for you!! Xoxo

  2. Bagel thins are here babe! Food kitty carries them. Also, Mr. Thomas also carries a flat bread (already sliced) multi-grain that I love! 100 calories-can’t beat it. try it.

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