Polka Dots and Caffeine

My favorite way to start the morning.

A big shout out to Ali for introducing me to what puts me in my happy place each morning. If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s, well… I’m sorry. You should consider moving. Seriously.

Their Gingerbread Coffee is amazing. Not to mention it’s like $1.95 for a canister!! That’s right, not a cup, a canister! Take that Starbuck’s!! My heart and my coffee addiction belong to TJ!

Breakfast was my usual today. Peanut butter toast with sliced banana & a Green Monster. This mornings was made by filling up the blender with spinach and adding the other half of the banana I didn’t use on my toast, 1/2 C of Vanilla Soy Milk, 1/2 C of OJ (Odwalla makes all of the difference in the world!) and 1 T of peanut butter.

Normally this holds me until lunch but today I was looking at the clock by 10:30. I drank lots of water and was able to make it until about 11:30.

Have you met my friends Blanche and Dorothy?

Working from home like I do we get to have lunch together every day. I’ve seen every episode at least 10 times and will never stop watching. They are my comfort TV!

For lunch today I was really craving a black bean burger from yesterday. Unfortunately since I halved the recipe yesterday and then proceeded to pick at them all day while they “waited for the CBB to come home and try” there were none left. (Note, he thought they were good but said he would never crave them, ha!ha!) So being the creature of habit that I am I went to my old stand by. Because I was a ravenous creature of habit today I threw in some string beans as well.

I hope it’s as gorgeous wherever you are right now as it is here! I would love to be headed outside for a walk right now but the independent filmmakers of the world need my assistance so I’m going to get some work done 😦 Then to figure out what to serve with dinner!


3 responses to “Polka Dots and Caffeine

  1. The next time you’re here you’ll have to try my gingerbread coffee I got from Keurig. It’s yummmmy!

  2. I had the Green Monster for b’fast and the toast p’butter & banana. The toast was good. The Green Monster was suprisingly okay. In the words of someone, it’s not something I’d crave, but I can drink it.

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