Dinner and Dancing (With the Stars)!

It’s such a gorgeous night that we decided to walk down the street to Plate for dinner. There was a nice french man sitting next to us at the bar that told us about two groups for newbies to the Main Line area. One is for Europeans… hope they don’t mind that this southern girl tags along!

I’ve now eaten at Plate twice and each time I’ve ordered the same thing. I tend to be a creature of habit – hello Mekong and your beef rice noodle bowl!!!! The Asian Chicken Salad seems to be my go to meal here. The rotisserrie  chicken melts in your mouth and the soba noodles and peanut dressing are to die for! They’re a little heavy on the fried noodles on top but they’re easily pushed to the side. It’s one of those salads that you eat until your arm is tired and it still looks like you haven’t touched it!

For the most part I try to stay away from white bread. But when it’s served it’s just rude not to try it, right? Especially when the butter has the perfect amount of salt in it like this did. We ended up splitting half of one of the rolls. Delish! There was also black been humus served with it which the CBB tried but I wasn’t willing to waste any of the butter.

He had the Shrimp Scampi Ravioli. Oddly, I didn’t try any of it. I should bring this to his attention as I don’t think the poor thing has had a meal sine we’ve met that I haven’t stolen at least one bite off of his plate. In my defense I did this the very first time we ate together so he was warned!

Oh! This was my snack today. I LOVE these things! Just the right amount of chocolate to get me through the afternoon. 70% dark chocolate so full of MUFA’s as well! I may or may not have smeared a thin layer of chunky peanut butter on it 🙂 Again, it’s all about the MUFA’s…

I was so excited to get home tonight and dig into dessert. I was trying to figure out how to use up my strawberries before they went bad and was inspired by the bottle of balsamic I had forgotten was in the back of the pantry.  A quick google search and voila!

Not sure what to expect…

Looks good but wasn’t sure I was buying that the balsamic would get sweet enough.

Verdict – it totally worked! I’m the sure higher quality balsamic you use the better it gets. Combined with the vanilla ice cream though it was just the right amount of sweet and tart. All I did was hull & slice the berries, drizzle with 2 T balsamic and about 4 T of sugar and let sit at room temp for a few hours. I can only imagine how good it would be over some homemade poundcake or angel food cake. Yum!

Off to watch the finale of Dancing With the Stars! Who do you think will win? My heart broke a little bit when Kate was voted off but I’ve managed to make it through and now my money is on Nicole!


2 responses to “Dinner and Dancing (With the Stars)!

  1. I want that salad today for lunch!!! YUM!!!

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