Out of all of the many wonderful things, and I do mean many, that the CBB (that’s Cute British Boyfriend) has introduced me to the one at the top of the list would have to be Chicken Tikka Masala. Mezbaan in Pasadena is where the love affair began. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Mezbaan but thanks to Trader Joe’s I am happy to report the love affair continues!

This is one of my standard week day lunches. As far as frozen foods go it’s pretty healthy, only 300 calories and seriously, as close to Mezbaan as I can find.

Warning! I am not a chef and will never pretend to be, hence, after eating this meal a thousand times I can still do this:

One of my obvious discoveries is that there is less room for crap when my belly is full of veggies. Today I had spring mix, cukes, tomato, avocado (gotta get your MUFA’s in!) and goat cheese with 2 T of Ken’s Healthy Options Honey French Dressing. Goat cheese is a staple on my salads. I heart goat cheese! There is nothing that can’t be improved upon with a little goat cheese! Normally I add walnuts to the salad because there is just something about a goat cheese/walnut combination! Love it!

See you at dinner!


One response to “Lunch

  1. Yum! Never seen the Healthy Ken’s. Hope it gets here soon.

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